Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Bitcoin
(but were afraid to ask)

Published in August 2019, The Little Bitcoin Book tells the story of what’s wrong with money today, and why Bitcoin was invented to provide an alternative to the current system. It describes in simple terms what Bitcoin is, how it works, why it’s valuable, and how it affects individual freedom and opportunities of people everywhere — from Nigeria to the Philippines to Venezuela to the United States. This book also includes a Q & A section with some of the most frequently asked questions about Bitcoin.

Coauthored by BloomX founder Luis Buenaventura and the Bitcoin Collective, the book is available in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle editions, in both English and Spanish.


Reinventing Remittances

The team at Bloom are passionate pioneers of the Bitcoin remittance industry as well as its most enthusiastic observers, and this book is our contribution back to this growing community.

We've spent the last few years focusing exclusively on cryptocurrency as a mechanism for cross-border money transfer, and we've managed to meet and learn from many of the other Bitcoin remittance players out there.

Reinventing Remittances is a collection of conversations, essays, and real data from the field, and is illustrated with tons of graphics and photos. (See the page samples.)

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What's Inside

Chapter One
The Bootstrapper's Guide to Bitcoin Remittances 
(reprinted and updated from an essay for Techcrunch)

Chapter Two
The Invisible Bitcoin Solution

Chapter Three
Does the Bitcoin Price Matter?

Chapter Four
Bitcoin Regulation Around the World

Chapter Five
Bitpesa and the African Bitcoin Mirage

Chapter Six
Bitspark vs Hong Kong

Chapter Seven
The South Korean Gold Rush
(reprinted and updated from an essay for Quartz)

Chapter Eight
Abra: The Uber of Remittances?

Chapter Nine
OKLink's $100M Guarantee

Chapter Ten
Uphold, AirTM, and Latin America

Chapter Eleven
Why Doesn't Western Union Use Bitcoin?

Joining the Bloom Network


Luis Buenaventura (@helloluis) has been working in the Bitcoin remittance space since 2014 and, with his young startup Bloom, focuses on bringing blockchain technology to small and medium-sized money transmitters around the world. His writing on Bitcoin and its impact on remittances and mobile money has been featured on Techcrunch, Quartz, The Next Web, Tech in Asia, and Rappler.

He's presented on these topics at Inside Bitcoins Singapore, the International Money Transfer Conference (IMTC) in Madrid, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Miami, BlockFin Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh, and the Brookings Blum Roundtable in Aspen.

Luis has been building tech startups in the Philippines for over a decade, and blogs at Cryptonight.