Streamline your business payments with BloomRemit


With Bloom, you can simplify the process of fulfilling multiple payments. This is useful for companies with employees who want to receive their salaries via cash pick up instead of crediting their bank accounts. BloomRemit has been available since January 2016 and supports the salary payments of established companies.

  • Thousands of different payout options. The BloomRemit disbursement network currently supports all major commercial banks in the Philippines, as well as over 4,700 cash pickup locations across the country. (See the full list of supported channels and transaction fees.)

  • No technology integration required. Works with your existing payroll system. You simply upload a CSV or Excel spreadsheet file.

  • Recipients are instantly notified when funds are available.

  • Eliminates risk and time of handling cash.

For larger business payments, our service desk is on call to assist you with competitive FX rates and 24-hour turnaround times.


a. Fill up our customer information form.

b. After our compliance team approves your credentials, we’ll send you login instructions to your BloomRemit account.

c. Bloom will provide the necessary support for you to use BloomRemit at your convenience.