Software Engineers

We are looking for a Software Engineer to join our growing Engineering team and continue to build and improve our applications in Bloom.

The ideal candidate will be responsible for taking requirements, giving suggestions, and implementing them alongside other engineers with well-defined deadlines. They must be curious about their work by keeping up with technology trends. They must be able to pay attention to detail, yet step back and see all the moving parts.

You will be working on several applications built in Bloom that cover different aspects of our business, such as remittance, payments, and cryptocurrency trading.


We’re looking for developers knowledge, experience, and proficiency in the following:

  • developing scalable applications from front-end to back-end

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Test-driven development (TDD)

  • PostgreSQL / SQL

  • Git

  • Written communication (English)

  • Philippine resident


Knowledge, experience, and proficiency in the following:

  • RSpec

  • Functional programming

  • ShapeUp, agile, lean methodologies

  • Sidekiq

  • SOAP

  • REST

  • Kubernetes

  • Docker

  • DevOps

  • Linux system administration

  • Financial programming

  • Financial accounting

  • Data analytics

  • Presentation skills (i.e. giving talks in meetups or conferences)

Ready to apply?

If you are interested in this position, please send the following to

  • CV / resumé

  • Samples of written content (blog, article, essay, rant, Twitter thread). If nothing is available, take the opportunity to use that email as your writing sample. Some questions you can answer in that email (credit goes to Stripe for these questions):

    • What projects have you enjoyed working on the most?

    • Which have you disliked?

    • What motivates you?

    • What surprising things have you learned about yourself since starting to program?

    • How do you teach yourself new programming languages?

We will schedule several interviews with you.

  1. One hour chat. Here we ask you some questions, and you can ask more about Bloom. If we see one another as a good fit, we proceed to

  2. A full day code pairing session. You will be fairly compensated for this session. The goal of this is to assess your familiarity with the tools we use at Bloom and get an idea how well we can work with you.

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you!